Thursday, September 4, 2008

We've been busy!

Our life has been a quite busy lately. With school starting back and the upcoming move, I haven't updated our blog in a bit. So here is my attempt to catch everyone up.

At the end of July, Sara Grace went to cousin's camp. During camp, she, Madeline and Annalisa attended dance camp at St. Giles. They had a fun time and were so cute.

Back in Bristol, we celebrated Nona's birthday!

Then Sara Grace had her first trip to the dentist. She was an excellent patient and had a great report.

Lawson and Sara Grace had a fun day riding horses at the Scott's farm.

Yes, this is Bronson and our friend Brian. Our youth group had a day of Red Neck games. These two boys wanted to dress up for the occasion- we're so proud.

Lawson continues to make us laugh!

Train Ride!

Sara Grace, Lawson and our friends Riley and Reed had so much fun!

Lawson is so proud of himself for going down the slide without help.

Sara Grace can't wait for her Daddy to see her attempt two new tricks!

Tea Party with Ms. Mildred!

We have the sweetest neighbor who loves our children. She planned a special tea party for them. (Lawson didn't break any of the china =) )

Moremommy and Moredaddy came to visit so we took them to Steele Creek (where Bronson and I got engaged) for a fun day.

We rode the train again.

We even did paddle boats. Lawson had a hard time understanding why he couldn't jump in the water.

And we even held a snake! (This picture makes me question if Sara Grace is really my child).
Life has been busy lately but quite fun. I hope you all are doing well. Thanks for taking the time to see our blog. I'll update everyone on our moving status soon.