Monday, February 23, 2009

American Girl Doll Weekend

It was an AMAZING trip! Sara Grace and I were invited to go on an American Girl Doll trip with our friends from TN. We left Friday afternoon and met Hannah and her mom in Chicago for the weekend. Saturday morning we were at the store by 9 a.m. That store is unbelievable! The decorations, the service, the products, were all amazing. At the store you can go to the baby doll salon, hospital, bakery, photo shoot, dinning room, or the baby nursery. We spent most of our time in the nursery since Sara Grace has a bitty twin and her friend, Hannah, got a bitty baby. We had lunch in the AGD restaurant. It was decked out in pink, red, and black. We had a fancy 3 course meal while the babies sat in the high chairs beside us. We stayed in the hotel only a block or two from the store. It was snowing that day and the high was 10*, but it was worth every minute.

Leaving our hotel for the store.

Here it is!

Here is the restaurant.

The girls were dressed alike, which made the experience even more fun!

Chicago at night--We went to eat at the Cheesecake Factory. So good!

Happy Valentine's Day

We had a great Valentine's Day. We went to eat at a Mexican Restaurant with some of our friends, and then we came home and had pink pudding for dessert. Then we opened our Valentine's.

Nana found some really cute stockings to hold our Valentine's.

This punch balloon was the perfect gift for Lawson---full of entertainment.

Sara Grace got a very special gift---her American Girl Doll. When she opened it she asked, "Is this a real American Girl Doll?"

She has named her, "American Princess Rose Doll." We have asked her if we can call her Rose for short and she said no.

Chuck E Cheese

Wow! This was a fun morning. We went to Chuck E Cheese with some friends and had a blast. It was a great way to get some energy out on a cold day! We even have some game tokens left over. So we will have to do this again, soon!


Believe it or not we have a hill here in Upland, IN. It is over by Taylor, and it is great for sledding. Lawson did not like the snow splashing up in his face on the way down the hill (neither did I). So after a few times down the hill and a walk with Daddy, Lawson and I went to get hot chocolate while Sara Grace and Bronson continued sledding. Sara Grace loved it.