Saturday, March 19, 2011


Thankfully, the snow is melted, the sun is shining more and the temps are getting warmer. Life continues to be full. Here are some random pictures of moments in our life lately.

Lawson has been going through this stage for several months where he wants to be completely covered while sleeping. It first started out as Lawson wrapping himself up like a tight mummy to sleep. It has progressed to building a fort or tent over himself while sleeping. Here is one of his latest tents.

What I love about this picture is what he chose to sleep with...3 footballs, flash light, and a hunting book...All boy!

I asked the kids to clean up the toys....poor, poor baby!

Lawson's preschool had wacky Wednesday. This is the outfit that he and Sara Grace put together for the day...Wacky Fire fighter.

Audrey loves books...she loves to hold them and look at the pictures...she loves being read to...I hope it continues.

We did three in the tub the other night. This was Audrey's first time out of the baby tub. All three loved it!

My almost 7 year old...such a hard smart!

We went to see Disney on Ice with a few of Sara Grace's favorite friends. It was quite a night with such a great show and fun friends. We have never been to Disney World, but this night gave me a glimps of what it would be like.