Sunday, April 24, 2011

One and Seven

A Big 2 months at the Pasko House!

It all started off with Disney on Ice...Sara Grace and I went with some friends to see Disney on Ice...Amazing and such a fun night with some sweet girls and their mamas.

March was a big month for our girls. Audrey turned one and Sara Grace turned seven. This mama had a hard time seeing time pass so quickly...time, slow down! Audrey, Our Peachie Pie...One year old....Our risk that we will always be grateful we took...a gift!
She loved wearing the crown, almost like she knew it was her special day.

and Sara Grace...7! joy filled our lives 7 years ago with this gift!

Nana and Poppie came to celebrate the sweet! They gave Audrey this super cute tutu dress.

...and Sara Grace received...Kaya! She was so excited and not expecting it at all. I don't think she put the doll down all day.

Of course we had to go to Ivanhoe's for a clown sunday!

...and Audrey had a few bites.

We had a huge Cowgirl party for our girls. I wish I had more pictures of this event. It was such a fun night. Families came. We had three legged relay races...and stick horse races. We are thankful for friends to celebrate our girls with family far away.

Annual Easter Egg Hunt at the Zeeb's House
Our friends host this egg hunt each year and our kids love it.

Sister Love: Thanks for the dresses, Nona! We love them.

more sister love...