Sunday, June 14, 2009

More Fun Shots

I just wanted to add a few more shots. We had a great time at the beach. It's a highlight of the year for us.

Bright, Sara Grace and Annalisa show us their silly faces.

Sara Grace loved every minute. She was so sad to say good-bye to the beach.

My newest niece, Caroline Scott.

Singing with Uncle Daniel

Kisses for me from Sara Grace

They love the carousel ride! We love the cute shorts Aunt Sunshine made!

Decker John wasn't quite sure about the tiger at Myrtle Beach.

So sweet: Annalisa, Sara Grace and Jack

Kiss'n Cousins: Hannah Kate and Lawson

Lawson's facial expression cracked me up.

Girls Just Want to Have FUN!!!

The girls had so much fun this week.

My sister-in-laws: Sunshine, Meredith, me, and Jane

Madline, Sara Grace, Alex (I know he's a boy, but it was the best shot I had of them splashing in the water), Annalisa: This group spent most of the time in the water.

Date with Daddies! Look out LGPA

Sweet Isabella loved the sand and didn't mind the water.

Bright had fun no matter if she was at the beach or back at the house.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Fish'n... and... Boys will be boys!

Moredaddy and Lawson fish'n: Lawson has been waiting for this moment!

Moredaddy and Moremommy bringing the fishing gear.

Alex, Moredaddy and Jack

Decker John in his bandana

Lawson and Alex matching (thanks Aunt Sunshine for the shorts).

We have 4 boys to 7 girls, but they hold their own. Here are some shots of the fun they are having here at Ocean Isle.


Alex, Jack and Lawson in the swimm'n hole.

Lawson digg'n

Lawson fish'n

Were these shovels for Jack and Alex or Uncle Bronson and Uncle Pete?

Lawson and Daddy

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Burns Beach Trip 2009

We have been having a great time here at Ocean Island. There are 21 of us: 10 adults and 11 children. This is the first year that the adults were out numbered, but we are surviving and loving it.
Here are some photo ops of the kids and our family.
(Thanks Aunt Jane for making all the matching skirts and shorts. They are adorable!)

Beach Time!

The kids have loved playing in the sand and water. Lawson and Sara Grace were pretty fearless which made it quite busy for Bronson and I.

Digg'n in the sand.

Uncle Pete takes Lawson and Bright out in the water.
Little Fish: Madeline, Sara Grace, and Bright.

First Day- holding on to Daddy.