Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Audrey Elizabeth

O.K. I think we are ready to make it official. We have decided for sure on Audrey Elizabeth. Audrey is a name Bronson and I have always loved and of course Elizabeth is after Grace Elizabeth. Despite our name decision, Sara Grace has chosen to name her Rainbow and Lawson has chosen to name her Jacob.

We are looking forward to three weeks from today- meeting our new little princess.

Pictures to come soon.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dress Up Time

Alexa and J.D. came to play today and this was the result.
Lawson- a shepherd
J.D.- not interested
Alexa- Cinderella
Sara Grace- Sleeping Beauty

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

For those that don't know.........

I was talking to my sister-in-law the other day. I told her that I would take pictures of the neighborhood that our house is being built in since she hasn't seen it.
1. We are the 10th house in the neighborhood (# 11 is presently being built).

2. There is a soybean (or some kind of) field behind our house.

3. We have neighbors to our right but an empty lot to our left (facing the house).

The bummer thing is that while taking these pictures, I think my cell phone fell out of the car. Now it is gone somewhere covered in snow or crushed by the snow plows--so sad.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Poor Little Buddy!

I know boys will be boys but how painful.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Big Brother and Big Sister Weekend

We took Sara Grace and Lawson to Indy for a special time before baby sister arrives. We stayed in a hotel that had a pool and went to the most incredible children's museum in Indy. The museum had a Barbie exhibit and a Bob the Builder exhibit that weekend. It couldn't have been more perfect for our children. We were completely amazed by the museum! While we were in Indy, we also got some house stuff accomplished. It was a great weekend.

Yay! Barbie exhibit

Lawson cracked us up. As soon as we walked in the Barbie exhibit he began to sulk and sat down.

Sara Grace on the runway

By this point Lawson was so over the Barbie exhibit. Bronson was so proud.

Give us your best dino face.......or not.

They were thrilled to meet Bob the Builder

Lawson got to use a real drill!

Lawson assembling a wall

Swimming at the pool

Too cold for Bronson and Lawson to get in.

Watching all the snow Indy got that weekend.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mary the Mother of Jesus

Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus and the manger (yellow blanket for hay)

Joseph and his staff

Mary swaddling baby Jesus
If you have been around Sara Grace the last 5-6 months you would have noticed that she is really into the story of baby Jesus. She loves the stories, the movies, and the nativity scenes. Sara Grace's favorite thing is to act it out or "play" the story. She will recruit anyone that is willing to play with her. Lawson has been a faithful to go along with this and he has been promoted from the donkey (for Halloween he was the donkey and she was Mary the Mother of Jesus) to Joseph. He does have a staff which can be dangerous at times, but other times he uses it quite appropriately. Here are some pics and a video clip of the two of them playing baby Jesus.