Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lots of First Times

Over the summer we had lots of first.

Sara Grace learned how to ride her bike without training wheels at the beginning of the summer!

We watched the life cycle of a monarch...AMAZING!
One of my friends introduced me to watching the life cycle of a monarch butterfly with the kids. During the process, Sara Grace and I got to see the caterpillar form its chrysalis. It was amazing to watch and such a reminder of God's creativity. Lawson named his butterfly Santa and Sara Grace named her butterfly Stripey. They each got to release their butterfly after it hatched. So fun.

We received this plant seven years ago and it has never bloomed. However we love that plant and its reminder of God's faithfulness to us. AND it finally bloomed. We were so excited.

Lawson went to the Dentist (he did great!). I was a bit nervous about taking him to the dentist, but he loved it. I was super proud of him.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lawson Catching a Grasshopper

Sara Grace and Lawson have been into catching all sorts of nature lately: butterflies, grasshoppers, toads, frogs, etc. Here is a video of Lawson trying to sneak up and catch this grasshopper. So funny!