Monday, June 14, 2010

Burns' Beach Trip 2010

Blue: Tim and Jane Green: Peter and Sunshine White: Mom and Dad Pink: Daniel and Meredith Orange..ish: Bronson and Deborah
The time has come and gone for another week to be with my family at the beach. Each year we look forward to this trip at Ocean Isle. I am so thankful that my children are going to have so many fond memories of their cousins, aunts and uncles. Our children have been blessed with an extended family that loves them and most importantly loves Jesus. There are presently 12 cousins. Look at these cute pjs Aunt Jane made in all of her spare time. Lawson and Bronson on the carousel
Madeline, Sara Grace and Annalisa

Bright, Lawson, Jack and Alex sand diving

The kids tried so hard to catch minnows with these nets.

Sara Grace proudly displaying her catch of the day.

Annalisa and Sara Grace had matching swimsuits.

Alex and Lawson

Family Photo

Moremommy and Audrey relaxing and fully protected from the sun.

The boys: Decker John, Lawson, Alex and Jack

The Girls

Love them!!!!

and of course a little bit of golf at the end of the week

The following video is of Lawson. WE were impressed with Lawson's buggy boarding skills

Sarah W. this hat photo is for you!!!
Thanks to Sunshine's mom for this adorable hat for Audrey. She received so many complements when we went out to eat. We love the hat!

Moredaddy fishing-he caught lots of sand sharks to add to the kids' excitement.

oh, so sweet!


Girls' Night Out!

Since Audrey's arrival, I haven't been able to have much time with Sara Grace. So I asked her what she and I could do special. She chose to go to Subway and to our church's spring musical. Of course she picked fancy hats for us to wear. Yes, I did wear the hat in Subway and then took it off at the musical (I didn't want to block any one's view =) ). We had a fun night.