Wednesday, November 19, 2008

We are in very cold and windy Indiana!

We are in Upland, IN. Only 1/2 mile from Taylor University. It has been a lot of fun living in a place where you can walk everywhere. We walk to the little food market, the pizza place, the gas station, the barber, and the post office. But our walking days are over due to the freezing cold weather! There are no stoplights here and only a bit over 1000 residents. It is fun to have the college kids walk, run, and bike by our house. Bronson's campus is in Marion (a little more than 20 min from here). Soon, I will take and upload pictures of Indiana Wes. It's an amazing campus. There is a movie theatre right under his office!
Quick facts: area surroundings: corn fields, corn fields, and more cornfields closest target: 40 min
grocery store: 15 min
walmart: 25-30 min
playgrond: right across the street!!!
the high today: 32* (but the wind chill makes it way colder!)
The famous Ivanhoes: 1 block!
Very fun front yard swing

sgp and lawson's indiana attire

Our rental house.

our tub- still splashing water everywhere!

Our AWESOME playground right across the street!

still trying to teach the locals that her name is a double name! i have to be firm about it. they say, "double names haven't come here it." well, now they have!
he gets cuter daily! running home because mommy can't take the cold!
sara grace had a blast with some of our youth group kids from bristol. these girls came to visit taylor with their moms and chad and jen. they were so good to sgp by playing and playing with her. she needed it!

listen to the wind in the video!