Sunday, October 16, 2011

Church Musical

Sara Grace was in our church musical. She danced and sang...she loved it! Erin, our cousin in law brought her such sweet flowers.

She is doesn't walk much and she doesn't talk much but at 17 months Audrey remains such a joy.


Each summer we go to the Fort Wayne Zoo. It is such a fun day for all of us.


My sophomore year of highschool, a new girl to my school came to tryout for cheerleading. Her name was Janie. We became such great friends....she was the maid of honor in my wedding. There are so many things I love about Janie but my two favorite things are that you can't help but smile constantly when you are with her (because she might be the funniest person I know)and she is loyal. So, this summer I flew to TX to spend the weekend with her in Dallas. It was such a great time. I am so thankful for her.

Grand Ole Flag

Over the 4th of July we a family reunion for Bronson's family in OH. It is such a wonderful time for all of us. The kids love the endless amounts of cousins to play with and they love swimming in the pool. One special treat was for Bronson to get to meet and hold baby Bronson. Bronson's cousin had a baby boy and they named him Bronson (both are named after their Grandfather/Great Grandfather Bronson).

More T-ball and Saturday Morning

I love a slow-going Saturday morning with our 3. I am trying not to blink but time continues to tick on and these kids are growing so fast. I am so thankful for these sweet moments of being together.

T-Ball ended and Lawson had a blast. Here are some of his favorite buddies.


Sara Grace took Ballet this past spring. She loved it. Of course we had to dress Audrey in her ballet outfit to come to see the show.