Friday, June 24, 2011

Beach 2011

It was another great year at the beach for the Burns family. This year we had a new house, a 6 bedroom house, with 10 adults and 14 children. The kids were so good and had so much fun being together.

The Start of Summer

We finally turned off our heat May 11. It was such a cold spring. But now...the warm weather is here and summer is in the air.

Mermorial Day Parade
I love these pictures. On Memorial Day, Sara Grace felt we weren't doing enough to celebrate. So she decided to have a parade and invite all the neighborhood children to be in it. Most eveyone was out of town, but she did fine two friends to participate. She then knocked on our sweet neigbors up the street and asked them to come watch. Not only did they come, but they invited their neighbors! It was so much fun and meant a lot to Sara Grace and Lawson. (Thanks Peters!) And yes, Audrey's get up makes me laugh.

Lawson's first tball game. It has been so much fun to see him play. He loves it!

Jr. Bridesmaid and Ring Bearer

Kathryn was one of wonderful babysitters in Bristol, TN. She also worked in the student develpment office with Bronson. So, when she got engaged, she asked Lawson and Sara Grace to be in her wedding. The kids were thrilled. We had several months to practice and prepare for the big day. Both did great and we were glad to be a part of Luke and Kathryn's day.

....and of course we got to see Nona...our kids adore her!

These cute dresses were a gift from Nona. We love them.