Thursday, January 29, 2009


Well, Sara Grace is in gymnastics. She goes every Tuesday for an hour with her friend, Logan. You might look at her outfit and think that she is wearing a ballet outfit. Well, you're correct. However, you should have seen the leotard she really wanted. It had a huge tutu on it. This one was a much calmer choice.

Snowy Days

We have had a lot of snow here lately. Sara Grace and Lawson helped our neighbors build a snowman. It turned out pretty cute. (This picture was taken when we had a little bit of snow.)

Sara Grace's friend, Logan, came over to play in the snow. She and Sara Grace have become great buddies. We are so thankful for Logan. She has been such a sweet friend and so welcoming to Sara Grace.(This picture was taken when we had some more snow.)

Our neighbor, Gabe, came outside to play with the girls. So Fun!

Sara Grace is a big fan of the snow.

Lawson is not. He especially does not like the fact that the last snowfall was so much that he couldn't walk through it. (This picture was taken when we got even more snow!) Lawson is so frustrated.

I have been attempting to shovel snow out of my driveway. I am sure it is obvious to my neighbors that I am a novice at this. I tried for 1hr and 15 min to shovel the snow behind my car and still was unable to back the van out. The next day I shoveled 30 more min and finally got the van out! I was so proud of me. I have a new respect for all those that shovel snow. It is hard work. These next pictures are for my mom because she asked if we lived in a place where we have to shovel the sidewalk and the driveway. (She's never lived anywhere above NC). The answer mom is yes!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Lawson's Belated Birthday Party!

I can't believe Lawson is already 2! We celebrated his birthday in Charlotte with lots of familiy. He had a choo choo train party. He was so excited and did a great job at blowing out the candles. He was also so excited to receive and open gifts.

Moremommy made him another fantastic cake. He was so proud of it.

Ready for bed at the end of the party. Daddy reading Bible stories to Sara Grace and Lawson

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2009!

We celebrated the new year at a hunting lodge outside of Charlotte. Take a look at the following pictures.

We went to eat lunch and the kids were trying to get as many cars as possible to wave at them. How could you not wave at such cuties?

This is just part of the trophy room.

Annalisa, Madeline, Sara Grace, and massive lion.

Deborah, Lawson and huge rhino

Meredith, Deborah, Lawson, and large elephant

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Merry Christmas!

...And Wonders, Wonders of His Love! We celebrated Christmas day as a family in Upland, IN. Sara Grace and Lawson were so cute opening presents. Here is a picture of matching t-shirts from their Nana and Poppie.

We continued celebrating Christmas in Charlotte, NC with Moremommy and Moredaddy. It was fun watching all the cousins opening gifts. They were all so excited. You have to watch the following two videos of the kids singing Christmas carols.

Joy to the World (Watch Lawson's mouth during the clip).

Angels We Have Heard On High